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Torque Calibrators
Screw-Driven Type Loading Calibrators/Torque Tester
Product introduction
Torque wrench calibrator adpots high accuracy strain torque sensor and high resolution digital intelligent indicator to meet the requirements of accurate calibrator and measurement, it has the functions of 99 data memory storage and expanded
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Product introduction

Screw-Driven Type Loading Calibrators/Torque Tester/Torque Checker

HighReach Measuring & Controlling System Co.,Ltd is one of the leading professional screw-driven type loading calibrators manufacturers and suppliers, as a productive factory, we are always able to offer you screw-driven type loading testers rental and service, and also welcome to wholesale our precision products.

TWC-SG screw-driven type loading calibrators(Accuracy ±1%, Optional ±0.3%)

Screw-Driven Type Loading Calibrators are esay to load to make sure the accuracy, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 inch square adaptors standard to meet your requirements.

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