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Torque Calibrators
Portable Torque Wrench Calibrators/Line Checker
Product introduction
It is a portable device to calibrator torque tools, the torque range is from 0.2N.m to 1200N.m, what's more, the accuracy is up to 0.3%.
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Product introduction

Portable Torque Wrench Calibrators/Line Checker/Torque Tester

HighReach Measuring & Controlling System Co.,Ltd is one of the leading professional portable torque wrench calibrators manufacturers and suppliers, as a productive factory, we are always able to offer you portable torque wrench testers rental and service, and also welcome to wholesale our precision products.

TWC-W-B portable torque wrench testers(Accuracy ±1%, Optional ±0.3%)

Portable torque wrench calibrators have the characteristic of lightweight and high accuracy, the accuracy is up to 0.3%,especially it is suitable for testing small range torque wrenches.

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