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HTW-H Series Low Profile Hydraulic Torque Wrench HTW-H Series Low Profile Hydraulic Torque Wrench
Hydraulic Torque Wrench.Aluminum-titanium alloy and super high strength steel alloy with precise treatment on all components. 360 360 swivel hose connection. Integrated cylinder head suitable for several ratchet links, with a wide applicatio...
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Torque multiplier (TM-F) Torque multiplier (TM-F)
use:Applicable to the smaller space, the torque value is very large nut bolt loading and unloading construction occasions working principle:The operator applies a smaller torque through the planetary gear reduction mechanism to get 4-25 ti...
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Electromagnetic Valve Electric Pumps Electromagnetic Valve Electric Pumps
HighReach Electromagnetic Valve Electric Pumps is a manual valve controlledhydraulic pumpwhich is safe, low maintenance and durable unit that meets the requirements of different hydraulic torque wrenches, cylinder, bolt tensioner and so on....
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Manual Torque Wrench Suppliers Manual Torque Wrench Suppliers
Atorque wrenchis a tool used to apply precisely a specifictorqueto a fastener such as a nut or bolt. It is usually in the form of a socketwrenchwith special internal mechanisms. HighReach is a leading manual Torque Wrench supplier in China.O...
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